“There’s More . . . : A Novella of Life and Afterlife

There's More--beta cover - Draft 3

“Relief pitcher Jack Thorne has a single focus—get this batter out and win the World Series. The Universe has a different plan for this priest-turned-ballplayer. There’s More . . . is a creative imagining of the ultimate human mysteries—death and Afterlife. Drawing on traditional faith images, this story challenges readers to expand existing concepts and consider broader cosmic possibilities in answer to the universal question, ‘What’s next?’ ”

 *  *  *

A bat. A ball. A swing. A bullet. A death. A guide. Life.

A bat — varnished, rays of setting sun splintering north, south, east, west, until tension-stilled, it is ready.

A ball — virgin white, never pitched, nor struck, rocketing from hurler’s hand.

A swing — fluid, potent contact, propelling the ball moundward.

A bullet — fired in revenge, racing ball to target.

A death accident? murder? Ball and bullet share the stage as dual protagonists in this unplotted drama. The pitcher falls, forehead concaved, a blackening hole deep at the crater’s base.

A guide — a most unusual companion, heaven-sent to assist at this unexpected crossing-over.

A life  — “There’s more . . .”


About Alfred J. Garrotto

Alfred J. Garrotto grew up in a theatrical family. He began working in films (crowd scenes) at the age of seven. As an adult, life detoured him into Catholic ministry. He is the author of 14 books, 8of which are novels.
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