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Manuscript Evaluations and Editing
Alfred J. Garrotto
Expert and Ethical
Entrust your manuscript to an experienced editor who is also a published author, editor, book reviewer, and writing instructor. I am a veteran of the writing business and see it from both the publisher’s and author’s viewpoint.
My Editing Philosophy
Your work is sacred and primary. I will respect your original text*, while offering positive critical recommendations in the margins or within the text itself when I see the need. I respect the author’s feelings and sense of pride and accomplishment.
* Sometimes, authors request that I  revise/rewrite their text, as needed.
* * *
Client Testimonials
“Al Garrotto respected my writing and gave me an honest evaluation. In refining my story, he captured the essence of what I had experienced. His enthusiasm, skill, patience, and diligence to detail leaves no doubt that his editorial ability is ‘par excellence.’ Al also handled all of the nitty-gritty work required for independent publication. He’s the BEST!”  Kathryn Davi-Cardinale, Joseph–My Son, My Guide: Communications From the Baby I Lost at Birth

* * *

 “Al Garrotto’s editing work strikes me as the best available. He gave an amazing smoothness to my book. And what a shock to find his fees are far and away the lowest I’ve run into.” – Author/Educator Richard C. Brown, Ph.D. (When Ministry is Messy and A Practical Guide for Starting an Adult Faith Formation Program)
* * *
“Al has taken the place of a (critique) group, pointing out omissions, clumsy constructions, lack of clarity, illogicalities.” – Aline P’Nina Tayar, Author of How Shall We Sing? Picador Australia
* * *
“Thanks so much for your excellent evaluation. Some of your comments I have heard before, but some were new and most appreciated. I’m looking forward to tackling another edit and working on some of the problems presented.”
— Christine Sunderland, author of the trilogy: PilgrimageInheritance, and Offerings.
* * *
Every project is unique and needs to be discussed before a final fee is set.
The following schedule will help you estimate the cost of evaluating/editing your work.
* * *
•  Reading & Evaluation (only)
You’ll receive an honest, objective, written evaluation (1-3 pages) of your work.
Initial reading and evaluation: US$85.00 per 100 ms. pages ($85 minimum).
Return postage required, if you wish your submission to be returned.
Partial ms. and first drafts accepted.
A  ms. page is 25 lines, double-spaced. (Single-spaced pages count as 2 pages.) 

* * *

•  Line Editing

My fee for line-editing a manuscript is US$4.00 per ms. page (25 lines, double-spaced).
All inquiries are welcome. Free consultation.

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