‘Saint of Florenville’ Screenplay

I recently completed the screenplay version of The Saint of Florenville: A Love Story and have submitted it to a producer for consideration. I’ve dabbled in script formats before but this is my first serious foray into book-to-screen writing. Quite an experience. I found that, once I had completed the first draft, I needed to let go of a literal rendering of the novel and treat the script as a unique entity. This freed me to let the for-film version take on a life of its own.

Next, I will write a two-part miniseries based on my novel, Circles of Stone, and its sequel, Down a Narrow AlleyThis story takes us from the U.S. to Peru and back, as an  international fashion model searches for her birth mother . . . and learns more about her origins than she ever wanted to know. Both books are available in print and as e-books.

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In Memory of Marilyn

Marilyn Giardino-Zych

My dear friend, Marilyn Giardino-Zych, passed into eternity on Sunday, October 14, 2012. She was Executive Producer on the project to bring my novel, The Saint of Florenville: A Love Story, to the big screen. Our hearts and our prayers go out especially to her husband, daughters, and other surviving family members. Marilyn possessed a great passion for this story and had built an amazingly talented team of professionals around her. Sadly, her untimely death came in the early stages of development by Hangar 3 Productions and leaves the project in a state of limbo. All of us who knew and loved Marilyn are in a state of grief and shock at her leaving us. Her energy and her desire to see this film go forward gives me confidence that she is still in charge of producing it from her place in heaven. How she will pull it together—and when—is in the hands of God, but I trust that Marilyn will eventually make it happen.

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Welcome to my website. I invite you to take a moment to look around. I took the photo on my masthead while visiting Berlin in July 2009. Although this bit of graffiti is a fairly recent addition to the Berlin … Continue reading

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