Reader Comments

“I have read The Saint of Florenville and found it a very good read. I liked the style and the story . . . it had a lot of intrigue. Yes, a love story, but told in such a manner that I was quite wrapped up in it. I almost couldn’t put it down.” — Rodger McNeill, Tucson, AZ 

“In Cancun reading your book. Love it. Don’t want it to end.” — SH

“Your plot held my attention like a steel trap.   I love your word choices, at times describing something as plebeian as crying in ways I’ve never seen before.  And the tension!  The suspense!  The satisfying conclusion.  Wow.” — JB

“I really enjoyed The Saint of Florenville. It held my interest and I read avidly.   I could relate to all the Berkeley/nun/priest stuff.  Have never been to Belgium but loved the setting and now would like to go there.  It was a mystery thriller and romance rolled into one.  Two genres I love.  I will recommend it to others.” – GG

“I finished your new book; now that’s a WOW reading!  I will be waiting for the movie.” — LT

“Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, Alfred J. Garrotto’s ‘The Saint of Florenville’, beautifully and tenderly illustrates how two stricken souls rise above the defilements and sufferings that befall them in this harrowing and shocking tale, and go on to reclaim their dignity in a fresh – albeit unusual – manner. But most of all, the novel, written in vivid and fluid prose, is true to its subtitle: it is a ‘love story’ of the most tender and profound kind. Set inBelgium’s “Venice of the North” –Bruges– and in the bucolic border town of Florenville, this dark account of the kidnap and subsequent horrendous abuse of an American priest and Belgian nun, is in essence a love letter to the indomitable and resilient power of the human spirit. And a testament to the omnipresent and all-pervasive Grace of God.”–Gerard Murphy, Virginia (USA) retreat house director

“I love mysteries, and this involved a mystery with a wonderful twist, a truly unique way to solve a crime—or more accurately, to keep the actual solution from being discovered. And I loved the way Tesse used her own spiritual revelations to lure the reporter into revelations of her own. So from the most heinous of crimes, the lucky reader gets tasteful romance in a couple of different ways, spiritual healing and psychological insights for multiple characters, plus some delicious posthumous revenge on the MONSTER! And all well-written. What’s not to like?” –  Bruce Roberts, book reviewer

“I just read The Saint of Florenville by Alfred J. Garrotto. An amazing read with an unsuspected twist to this wonderful story. I highly recommend it. What can I say? FABULOUS!” — Toni D.

“The Saint of Florenville is a wonderful love story with a great twist. The author leaves you continually thinking of what is going to happen next. A real page turner. I highly recommend it. 5 Stars.” — Katie Q (on Amazon Kindle)


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