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Ms. Editing Services

Manuscript Evaluations and Editing

Alfred J. Garrotto

All inquiries are welcome. Free consultation.

Expert and Ethical
Entrust your manuscript to an experienced author of 16 books (both fiction and nonfiction).
I am a book reviewer, writing instructor, and manuscript editor, who has authored 16 books (both fiction and nonfiction) on a range of topics and themes.
In addition, I offer professional editing for other authors. I have covered all the bases as a writer: commercial and independent publishing.
As a veteran of the writing business, I see it from both the publisher’s and author’s viewpoint.

Editing Philosophy
Your work is sacred and primary. I will respect your original text, while offering positive critical recommendations in the margins or within the text itself when I see the need. I respect the author’s feelings and sense of pride and accomplishment.
Some authors request that I revise/rewrite their text, as needed
(fee structure upon request since no two projects are the same).

Every project is unique and needs to be discussed before a final fee is set.
The following schedule will help you estimate the approximate cost of evaluating/editing your work.

Reading & Evaluation (only)
You’ll receive an honest, objective, written evaluation of your work. (1-5 pages)
Initial reading and evaluation only: US$30.00 per 100 ms. pages.
Return postage required, if you wish your submission to be returned.
Partial ms. and first drafts accepted.
A ms. page is 25 lines, double-spaced. (Single-spaced pages count as 2 pages.)

Line Editing
My fee for in-depth line-editing a manuscript is US$1.75 per ms. page (25 lines, double-spaced).



About Alfred J. Garrotto

Alfred J. Garrotto grew up in a theatrical family. He began working in films (crowd scenes) at the age of seven. As an adult, life detoured him into Catholic ministry. He is the author of 14 books, 8of which are novels.
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