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A Fabulous Read …..

To say I enjoyed “There’s More” by Alfred J. Garrotto is putting it mildly. It is gripping and hard to put down. The characters come alive on every page. Each personality is very distinct (especially the deeply troubled Mattie Logan). Having Bishop Myriel from

“Les Miserables” narrate the story is such a creative and effective touch. The story line expands one’s imagination in profound ways about what happens when we die-or rather, “transform” to Life. This has to be a movie!
Kathryn Davi-Cardinale, author “Joseph, My Son-My guide”

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Delightful Tale of Intrigue
By G. Murphy

Alfred J.Garrotto’s ‘There’s More – A Novella of Life and Afterlife’ belies definitive categorization. Yes, it has storyline development, credible characterization, and a satisfying denouement; but here is an author who knows how to take artistic license and have fun with it! I mean where else would you find a Spirit Guide / Narrator (Bishop Charles Francois Myriel, from Victor Hugo’s classic, “Les Miserables”), a priest turned major league baseball pro (John Thorne), and an orthopedic surgeon (Dr. William Everett) with a questionable past, converge in a tale about the greatest mystery of all: the hereafter? Nowhere else but in the fertile imagination and fluid prose of a great storyteller. As per the author’s expansive imagination, the narrative is peppered with delightful vignettes of ‘life after life’ – all of which are intriguing, consoling, and comforting. I recommend this ‘gem’ for your upliftment and thoughtful reflection. You won’t be disappointed!

5.0 out of 5 stars
A five star rating for “There’s More…, A Novella of Life and Afterlife|
By Frances J. Wojnar
Format: Kindle Edition

Life dealt a blow to Jack Thorne that left him powerless to continue his priestly ministry. It seemed an act of mercy and relief when he was mortally wounded playing baseball in the big league. Jack Thorne’s story continues first in the transition of the afterlife, when he is ministered by Bishop Myriel, a French bishop from the 19th Century, who leads Thorne to face past experiences, some with crisis’ to be solved. I thank and praise Alfred Garrotto’s creativeness in writing this story.

5.0 out of 5 stars
When I turned the last page of ‘There’s More’ and …
By Cecilia O’Leary

When I turned the last page of ‘There’s More’ and closed the cover, I thought I had finished the book. The truth is that ‘There’s More’ is not finished with me. I find myself playing the scenes over and over in my head. The possibilities of judgment and afterlife keep sparking my imagination. Alfred Garrotto’s writes with an immediacy that held me hostage until the end. This book is a keeper to be reread, certainly when I am facing the last pitch of life.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Loved this book
By Katie Q

Loved this book. My interested was held from the first to the last page. I wanted “more.” I can’t wait for his next novel.

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About Alfred J. Garrotto

Alfred J. Garrotto grew up in a theatrical family. He began working in films (crowd scenes) at the age of seven. As an adult, life detoured him into Catholic ministry. He is the author of 14 books, 8of which are novels.
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